Have you reviewed your pension lately?

Reviewing your pension arrangements regularly can be just as important for your financial health as reviewing your accounts each year.  Pensions are an opportunity to optimise your income at retirement and are a tax efficient way to invest for your future. However, pension planning is a complicated area and one that needs correct advice and planning. That’s why we have launched Finton Doyle Financial Planning, so that we can give our client’s the best advice on all their financial matters, not just tax!Simon, Finton Doyle Financial Planning’s advisor can help you to:
  • Check your contribution level to ensure you are paying in enough to reach your retirement goals.
  • When do you want to retire and does your current pension plan allow you to achieve this?
  • Have your pension contributions altered in line with your earnings?
  • Have your family circumstances changed?
  • Where is your pension invested? Are you still comfortable with this investment strategy?
  • Should you consider consolidating existing pension plans? You might benefit from higher bonuses or lower charges for larger pension funds however, transferring isn’t right for everyone.
If you would like Finton Doyle Financial Planning to review your pension plan, free of charge contact Simon Crompton on 01772 883 881 or info@fintondoyle.co.uk

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